Origin Trail | Crypto20 | IndaHash

Origin Trail | Crypto20 | IndaHash



W: https://origintrail.io/

Social: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram 

Team: https://origintrail.io/


Exchanges: Idex, Etherdelta

Total Supply: 500,000,000 TRAC

One of the biggest problems with today’s supply chain software and networks is fragmentation. There is no one standard for information exchange across the entire network. The TRAC token is the first ever supply chain, Blockchain based protocol which allows for users to exchange information across a decentralized network without having to deal with fragmentation.

Today, there isn’t a solution that’s able to provide the required level of trust, robust performance and scalability for an interconnected supply chain network that’s also cost-effective. Even the current Blockchain and decentralized solutions are expensive despite being difficult to scale up.

OriginTrail is a supply chain solution which allows for secure interoperability and automated data connections between the supply chain network of different organizations. It does away with the performance, scalability and cost issues associated with a traditional network thanks to its decentralized system which holds the information in an encrypted Blockchain. So, data can be shared across networks.

One use case of this is that with OriginTrail is consumers will be able to see precisely where their fruits and vegetables were grown. Also, what pesticides were used. This type of transparency will allow brands to differentiate themselves from others by sharing information.



W: https://crypto20.com/en/

Social: Twitter, Facebook

Team: https://crypto20.com/en/


Exchanges: Bibox, IDex, EtherDelta, HitBTC, YoBit.net  

Total Supply: 40,656,082 C20

Crypto20 is a project which aims to eliminate the middlemen that use bloated platforms and take a commission from each. It works by dealing directly with the end user. So, there are no platform fees; no broker advise fee and no broker fee.

Crypto20 will use the ICO funding it collects to purchase a bunch of underlying Crypto assets. Users will be able to track the performance of the market as a whole while just holding one Cryptocurrency. Since there are now thousands of currencies from which investors can choose, knowing which ones to buy can be a paralyzing experience. But with this project the need to know each currency and get advice is eliminated.

Other benefits of Crypto20 include the ability to exchange the C20 tokens 24/7 and not having to pay an exit fee. It also has only 0.5% annual fees which is way lower than the standard 3%. Thanks to the Blockchain you can verify where your funds are held and track the value of the underlying assets.



W: https://indahash.com/

Social: Twitter, Facebook

Team: https://indahash.com/

Exchanges: Tidex, HitBtc, Idex

Total Supply: 400,000,000 IDH

IndaHash is a free to use application which allows social media influencers to earn extra money by participating in branding campaigns via their social media profiles. Once logged in influencers can see a long list of campaigns which are divided by the brands that are working with IndaHash. However, they can only see campaigns that are specific to them. They just click on the details and the influencers receive all the information about the campaign like tasks and conditions that need to be met.

Influencers will use that information to record a video or take photos and publish those to their social media accounts. The description will have a #hashtag with the brand mentioned. Once the influencer completes the task, they are paid digitally. Interestingly influencers can see what they will make even before they choose a campaign to work on.


Elastos | STK Token | Iungo Network

Elastos | STK Token | Iungo Network

SelfKey | TelCoin | Bottos

SelfKey | TelCoin | Bottos