Quanstamp | Qash | Publica

Quanstamp | Qash | Publica



W: quantstamp.com

Social: Telegram TwitterReddit

Team: quantstamp.com


Exchanges: Etherdelta, Binance, Huobi, Gate.io

Circulating Supply: 617,314,171 QSP

Total Supply: 976,442,388 QSP

Quantstamp is a “first of it’s kind security-audit protocol designed to find vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts”. A Smart contract is a program that controls the transfer of Cryptocurrencies or assets in a peer-to-peer transaction under certain conditions.

The project will create an automated process to audit smart contracts of bugs and security vulnerabilities making smart contracts. This will allow smart contracts to become more secure and eliminate the possibility of human error and potential hacks. The QSP token will be used by companies to pay for the auditing services as well as rewarding security experts for finding bugs and investors for running nodes.

A unique system has also been created to reward token holders through “Proof Of Caring”. This will reward QSP holders who show they care about the project through showing support, helping with improvements, or even just spreading awareness of the project. The amount of QSP you receive from these tasks is determined by your Proof Of Care score which is in turn made up of the amount of QSP you own, and how long you have held them.

Quantstamp is an interesting project that brings a much needed improvement to the Blockchain system with a large community and experienced team.



W: liquid.plus

Social: Telegram, Twitter, Reddit

Team: https://liquid.plus/#leadership

Exchanges: Quoine, Qryptos

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 QASH

Qash is the latest installment from Quoine, a Fin-tech company that provides trading, exchange and financial services on the Blockchain. On the 29th of September 2017 Quoine became the first Cryptocurrency organization to be licensed by Japan’s FSA. Quoine has 3 main platforms:

Quoinex - Launched Q2 2014 Quoinex is a JSFA regulated platform that allows users to trade fiat to Cryptocurrency.

Qryptos - Launched in Q2 2017 Qryptos allows users to transfer between non JSFA regulated Cryptocurrencies.

Liquid - To be released Q2 2018 this new platform plans to be a one stop shop for Cryptocurrency by implementing many features such as, aggregated order book, matching engine, smart order routing, real time currency conversion, market making, fiat management and credit lending.

Qash will be used for transactions and services on all of Quoine’s platforms as well as rewarding platform users with lower fees and incentives for using them.



W: https://publica.io/

Social: TelegramReddit, Twitter

Team: https://publica.io/

Exchanges: Etherdelta, Cryptopia

Circulating Supply: 18,582,933 PBL

Total Supply: 33,787,150 PBL

Publica is an Ethereum based Blockchain platform looking to change the way publishers, authors and readers interact with books. The PBL token will be used as a digital token throughout the publishing process.

Publica brings many benefits to all parties including:

Authors- Allows self publishers to crowd fund for e-books without the use of third parties ensuring they have full entitlement to all revenue. Supporters will receive an electronic access key that will be used to access the book when it is published. Publica app-reader combined with a wallet will allow users to hold tokens as access keys to view books meaning the whole distribution process is completely decentralized and has a truly global reach. Authors will be able receive direct payments immediately ruling out the possibility of payment errors and slow transaction times by third parties. In traditional writing authors are bound by a “license” and EULA. Using Protocol frees authors from legal constraints and entitles them to full ownership.

Readers- Readers will benefit from lower prices due to the removal of any third party mark ups. Decentralized storage allows books to be completely immutable and transparent, democratizing value and trust.

Publica will change the way e-books and paper books are marketed, published, traded and accessed, allowing the book industry to be completely transparent.

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