5  Reasons Why Binance Will Be The Next Big Exchange

5 Reasons Why Binance Will Be The Next Big Exchange

Binance is a Cryptocurrency exchange based in Tokyo/Hong Kong that provides users with a variety of trading tools and in depth charting capabilities.

Initially Binance began trading as a centralized exchange in July 2017 with the intention to solve the current problems that some of the major exchanges are currently facing.

The way Binance is changing the game:

1. Trading Fees - Save Money

Binance, as well as being an exchange also has it’s own trading token BNB. This token can be used to pay all fees on the exchange and in doing so allows for a 50% discount on each transaction. Binance have a total of 199,013,968 BNB with 20% of Binance’s quarterly profits being used to buy back and destroy BNB tokens eventually leaving 100M in circulation.

2. User Interface - Easy To Navigate

A major benefit for beginners to Cryptocurrency, Binance uses a sleek design and allows users to choose between a basic or advanced interface allowing for a customized experience.The main difference between the two being the advanced interface offers in depth technical analysis as well as advanced charting options.

3. Listings - The Newest Currencies 

Binance is an industry leader in listing the latest projects with over 143 listings at the time of writing. Each month a vote is opened for account holders allowing the exchange to list projects that are in high demand by the community. Binance’s community engagement is an obvious advantage in an area where many of it’s major competitors are lacking.

4. Bounty And Reward Programs - Be Rewarded

With Binance it’s possible to be rewarded just for using the platform from the competitions and bounties often being run. Volume trading competitions are frequently being held with huge prizes such as a trip around the world and over 20 new Iphones being given away.

5. Innovative - Constant New Features

New features and improvements are constantly being added to Binance’s platform. The exchange is multilingual and available in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and most recently French, meaning the exchange has a truly global reach. Recently a partnership was announced with Quoine, Japans largest Cryptocurrency service. This new partnership aims to create a wider range of services to global traders.

Binance is one of the fastest exchanges around thanks to being capable of handling 1,400,000 orders/second allowing it to handle high trading volume with ease. With solid relationships, a strong team, and many improvements on the way in the near future, it’s no surprise Binance was able to become a top 5 exchange in trading volume in under 6 months.

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