Nucleus Vision | POA Network | Zilliqa

Blockchain and retail business data through real-time sensor technology. Using the Ethereum blockchain technology to scale transaction rates to commercial levels, capable of validating thousands of transaction per block. And a public network for smart contracts that combines speed and security with Proof of Authority (POA).

DENT | MedTokens | PART

A visionary project that aims to be the global exchange for mobile data. Using blockchain technology to realize the health care industry's dream of securely storing health records in one place. And a vision to establish a new anonymous, decentralized, and trust-less economy supported by its platform and its native currency.

SelfKey | TelCoin | Bottos

A project changing the way our identity is stored and verified, A project aiming to create the most efficient artificial intelligence data sharing network and a start up creating an alternative to Western Union money transfer for mobiles.